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Conquer every topic so you never look back.

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Be Better

Understand every concept.

Be Smarter

Apply the teaching to everyday examples.

Be Faster

Practise exam questions to ensure completion of the papers.

Be Stronger

Be confident that your diligence will result in better grades.

Why Choose Us?

We have been dedicated to teaching all our lives and have great enthusiasm which we would love to share.

Get Inspired
Let us help you to be better, smarter, faster and stronger.
Gain The Knowledge
Whatever level you are at, we will help you to progress to the next level.
Open Your Mind
Maths builds on previous topics. Our job is to ensure the building blocks are in place so that every question can be tackled.

Meet The Team

Specialists in maths and in keeping up to date.

Susan Lalic

Maths Degree BSc (Hons)

Tutors from 11+ to GCSE and A level

Graeme Buckley

Maths Degree (Bath University)

Tutors up to GCSE and A level

What we can do for you

We tutor to various levels of Maths, from 11+ to GCSE and A level. Privately, in students' homes and on Skype or Zoom.

Get In Touch

Send us a message if you wish to find out more. Lessons start at £25 per hour. Currently only available on Skype or Zoom.